2 new RDA Group Coach's!! (October 20, 2016)

A very big THANK YOU to all Volunteers, Parents, Carers and Riders for making the Tuesday 18th October sessions such a success.  

 You’ll all be pleased to hear that both Binnie and Emma passed their assessment to become RDA Group Coach’s – this means the group now has 4 assessed instructors.

In addition, both Joy and Bridget have started the process of becoming coach’s, their next assessment with Karen Thompson is Tues 13th December.  

 So CONGRATULATIONS to all – we are delighted to have them as part of our group and truly appreciate them helping the group develop.  

 Also, we’d like to thank Sam for joining our group, she has had lots of experience working full-time within another RDA group, based in London.

We know we are lucky that she came to volunteer at our group and are looking forward to the positive moves the group will make with 4 assessed instructors.

 Clarissa, our Regional Chairman who also payed us a visit and described it as " Seeing RDA at its best." so you can all be proud of yourselves!!

 Finally a Thank You to our tea lady Lin, who was running around delivering cup of coffee and tea on this very busy evening.

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